gaildlowe_headshotGail D. Lowe CPA PC customizes her accounting services to your business and individual needs. She offers the following services: 



Certified Public Accounting Services:

  • Business systems, controls, tax and financial goal-setting and monitoring consulting
  • Business entity selection consulting
  • Business plan coaching and consulting
  • Individual tax, financial goal-setting and monitoring, and retirement consulting
  • Tax preparation
  • Financial Statements compiled
  • Accounting system design, consulting and instruction
  • Organize business office for maximizing efficiency and effectiveness

Chief Financial Officer Services:

  • Business planning and financial control. Oversee and monitor accounting system — credit, budgets, financing, contracts, and tax
  • Business system design, tax and financial goal-setting and monitoring consulting
  • Financial system design and consulting
  • Customized management and cost reporting
  • Cost containment, growth, and expansion consulting
  • Business and individual budgeting
  • Accounting system design, consulting and instruction
  • Asset, liabilities and equity account monitoring and reconciliation

Bookkeeping Services:

  • Payroll reporting, payroll tax payments and quarterly payroll tax reporting
  • Sales tax preparation
  • Bank and credit card account reconciliations
  • Accounts payable bill payments
  • Accounts receivable invoicing

Eldercare Services:

  • Review financial resources
  • Develop financial and tax plans
  • Develop retirement distribution plans
  • Review and pay bills
  • Prepare budget
  • Calculate and report cash flow
  • Monitor money receipts, recording and depositing
  • Reconcile bank, credit and investment accounts
  • Review medical benefits for receipts and accuracy
  • Prepare payroll and tax reports for household help
  • Evaluate costs of housing, medical care and other expenses
  • Locate and organize personal, financial and legal documents
  • Prepare inventory of personal assets
  • Review documents to assess gaps and address needs
  • Maintain records for taxes, wills, trusts and estates

Certified Public Accountant

“CPA’s . . . review (bookkeeping data) input and prepare and analyze the financial reports that allow you to manage your business with complete information.” About Biz Tax Law

“An accountant can analyze the big picture of your financial situation and offer strategic advice. He or she produces key financial documents, such as a profit-and-loss statement, if needed, and files a company’s taxes.” Entrepreneur

Chief Financial Officer

“The CFO supervises the finance unit . . . reports directly to the president/chief executive officer (CEO) and directly assists the chief operating officer (COO) on all strategic and tactical matters as they relate to budget management, cost–benefit analysis, forecasting needs and the securing of new funding.” Wikipedia


“’Knowledge is power,’ even when it comes to the small details, Sylvan says. ‘If you don’t have a bookkeeper, you’re probably not being as strategic as you could be in how you spend your money.’” Entrepreneur


“. . . help(ing) seniors and their adult children plan for the future care of those who can no longer live independently.” Monster